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My name is Monika Molnar and I am just a simple passionate woman who always follows her calling. I love what I do and I do what I love.


In 2002 I have received a present from a friend of mine who just came back from Thailand. A pair of linen fisherman pants. I had no idea what to do with them, where to wear them, how to wear them  but I absolutely loved them.  Being inspired by the design I created my own version of it and started making them from many different fabric, colour, style to fit into many different occasion so I can finally wear them. Being a dancer I created many for studio, workout, rehearsals, I was wearing them for fitness, casual, going out salsa dancing, even for evening wear. Soon I realized my wardrobe was full of these pants and all of my friends wanted them too. They all had at least a pair or more...When my daughter was born, I started making them for babies,  then for boys and toddlers and the passion just went on and on.

Few years later my husband randomly asked me: "don't you think you should start doing it as a business?" - I never thought of I answered  "come on, who would buy them? " - he looked at me wondering if I am serious: " well how about those 100s of people who already got at least 3 pairs from you for the last 4 years? " :-)


So I decided to do it. I instantly got into creating a website, online shop and realized we needed a name. I turned to my husband feeling all excited asking him for an idea for a name.  He was on a conference call. " name!! We need a name!" - Me rushing to him: " I don't know, babe, SAMBAWAMBA, whatever,  just come up with something, it doesn't matter! " And there it was SAMBAWAMBA brand was officially born.


100% ethically made, each piece made by me with passion and love.  

I hope you'll  enjoy wearing them just like I love making them!  The choice is endless and price is kept on an affordable level. I guarantee you wont stop at only one pair after trying your first one on. 

They are absolutely unique, each peace is limited edition and you will always stand out in them. I get many of my orders by randomly being stopped on the street asking where I got my trousers from...

Life is simple. Love it, wear it with confidence!







It speaks to women who are comfortable in their Divine Beings, they are ready to create and live life at their own terms and they are confident to show up for themselves and the world even when all the critics are around. 

These pants are YOUNIQUE just like you are. The fabric is carefully sourced and selected to align with the brand value. They are 90% of the times limited edition and once they are gone they will not come back.

Therefore we recommend keep checking our instagram or FB page regularly for updates as many of our newest models don't even make it to the website.  

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