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How were WAMBA PANTS born...


My name is Monika Molnar and I am just a simple passionate girl who loves what she does and does what she loves.


In 2002 I have received a present from a friend of mine who just came back from Thailand. A pair of linen fisherman pants. I had no idea what to do with them, where to wear them, how to wear them.  However, I absolutely loved them. It just didn't fit into any situation, nor event. Being inspired by the design I adapted it and started creating my own pants making them in many different fabrics, colours, style so they can fit into many different occasion. I was a Latin and Samba dancer and dance teacher and linen harem pants just wouldn't work. So I made them in jersey adapted the waist, created them in different material. I. I was wearing them for fitness, casual, going salsa dancing, rehearsals even work or evening wear. Soon I realized my wardrobe was full of these pants and also  all my friends had a pair from me. Or more...When my daughter was born, I started making them for babies,  then for boys and toddlers and the passion just went on and on.

14 years later my husband randomly asked me: "don't you think you should start doing it as a business?" - I never thought of I answered : "come on, who would buy them? " - he looked at me wondering if I am serious: " well how about those 100s of people who you already gave at least 5 pairs to for the last 14 years? " :-)


so I decided to create a name and set up a website with an online shop specializing on these pants. We needed a name. So again I turned to my husband. He was on a conference call. " name!! We need a name!" - Me rushing 't know just come up with something! " And there it was SAMBAWAMBA brand was officially born.


100% ethically made, each piece made by me with passion and love.  

 I hope you'll  enjoy wearing them just like me making them!  Choice is endless and price is kept on an affordable level. I guarantee you wont stop at only one pair after trying your first one on. :-) you can even contact me for special extreme sizes, or matching sizes kids/mums, or if you like any of the designs you can opt for long or cropped version too.

They are unique in design and you will always stand out in them. I get many of my orders by randomly being stopped on the street asking where I got my trousers from...

Life is simple. Love it, wear it! Just always do what you love!



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