Where Harem Pants Go Stylish!

SambaWamba is a clothing brand promoting comfortable, healthy lifestyle, with an urban, boho, stylish look. The clothing range is created for women, men and children.  Using the principles of the “Golden Ratio” they were carefully created to flatter. 

Inspired by the fashion from Middle East, India, Thailand, Africa, South America; adding a contemporary twist resulting a stylish boho look.  

"As an artist and dancer I always get attracted to the "unusual" and will bring that into my every day's life. I will never compromise on comfort and my clothing has to be top quality with style.

Passion for freedom, life, dance, harmony, elegance and simplicity is behind the creation of every piece of my clothing"

Wamba Pants can be worn for any occasion from dance classes, yoga, belly dance shows, evening wear, hip hop,   summer holidays, going out dancing and you name it! 

All our pants, clothing, costumes are designed and handmade in UK with love and passion.

"There is something for everyone. I like working with any material that has a bit of elasticity in it, but anything will do as long as it catches my eyes."

we can not leave our little stars out. Kids love wearing our Wamba Harem Pants.  These Wamba Pants are super cool, give them freedom of movement and they stand out. We named kiddies pants , WAMBINOS.

We hope you like wearing our Wamba pants as much as we love creating them.