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Wamba Pants fit Everyone

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What is the perfect body shape? I personally love curves and plus sizes when it is a healthy, fit body looks much more attractive then the skinny type. Women need hips and curves are a must for women. We ate SAMBA WAMBA design harem pants to flatter women and make them feel comfortable. You can style them up any way you like and just go. This is our plus size girl, modelling our WAMBA pants in size 14-16.

You can indeed opt for any size and we are happy to make that for you.


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We are launching our Wamba Pants collection at MOVE IT  2016 on the 18-19-20 March weekend at EXCEL London - The biggest dance expo in Europe. So pleased to announce that we are exhibiting our collection. Come and visit us, try on our pants and leave a feedback! We are at stand 406.

100s of dance classes, shows all day. DanceMyWay will be performing on Sunday at 1:45pm with Brazilian Samba!. This is the place to  be on that weekend. If you are dancer, dance enthusiast, you don't want to miss this opportunity. We are offering all our Wamba pants at a "show" discounted rate.

History Of Harem Pants

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History of Harem Trousers

Harem trousers are an ancient style of dress, believed to have originated in Persia around the 16th century, or possibly even earlier.

The original so-called “harem pants” were introduced to Western fashion by Paul Poiret around 1910 and were inspired by Middle East styles: şalvar – from the Turkish style pants; shalvar from South Ashia, or Patiala salwar, sirvar from Bosnia. 

Inspired by these Oriental styles Paul Poiret, in 1911 introduced harem pants to the West with an effort to reinvent and liberate women’s fashion. His designs were widely criticized as they were regarded immoral and controversial at that time as woman were not expected to wear trousers. But he oriental style harem trousers would give woman the freedom and flexibility without compromising their femininity.

They became very popular in West and despite the fierce criticism other designers started showing signs of using the Oriental style trousers in their works.

In the modern era, harem trousers have come a long way since the MC Hammer pants craze of the 1980s and worn by many celebrities.

The trousers continue to be a very popular item with many contemporary designs available. 

The Inspiration Behind

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I absolutely love this style. The combination of femininity with comfort and freedom in the Asian salvar pants are present. Simple and compliments so well the rich, colorful kamiz (tops) To bring this into my dance wear line without having to compromise on the femininity is something I am aiming for.